L-1011 Fleet List
tracking operators

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The number of aircraft posted here does not include examples that are stored. All information posted here is believed to be correct, but without any guarantees. If you have any corrections or comments, please email them to Ryosuke Yano.

Operators' Fleet Summary
Airline: No of aircraft: Remarks:
AMW Tchad 2 utilized on ad-hoc charter services
ATA Airlines 3 utilized on military charter services
Euro Atlantic Airways 1 utilized on ACMI charter services
Hewa Bora Airways 1 utilized on flights to South Africa
Luzair 1 utilized on ACMI charter services
Orbtial Sciences Corporation 1 satellite launcher; operated jointly with NASA
Royal Air Force 9 to be retained through 2010
Sky Gate International Aviation 1 utilized on ACMI charter services
TOTAL IN SERVICE 19 total 250 built

Operators' Fleet Breakdown
Airline: Register: Type: Serial No: Remarks:
AMW Tchad TT-DAE L-1011-100 193N-1101
AMW Tchad TT-DWE L-1011-100 193N-1093
ATA Airlines N162AT L-1011-500 293A-1220
ATA Airlines N163AT L-1011-500 293A-1229
ATA Airlines N164AT L-1011-500 293A-1238
Euro Atlantic Airways CS-TEB L-1011-500 293B-1240
Hewa Bora Airways 9Q-CHC L-1011-500 193H-1209
Luzair CS-TMP L-1011-500 293H-1248
Orbital Sciences Corporation N140SC L-1011-100 193E-1067 satellite launcher [operated for NASA]
Royal Air Force ZD948 KC Mk.1 193V-1157
Royal Air Force ZD949 K Mk.1 193V-1159
Royal Air Force ZD950 KC Mk.1 193V-1164
Royal Air Force ZD951 K Mk.1 193V-1165
Royal Air Force ZD952 KC Mk.1 193V-1168
Royal Air Force ZD953 KC Mk.1 193V-1174
Royal Air Force ZE704 C Mk.2 193Y-1186
Royal Air Force ZE705 C Mk.2 193Y-1188
Royal Air Force ZE706 C Mk.2 193Y-1177
Sky Gate International Aviation EX-056 L-1011-250 193C-1237

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