Photos from Delta Belle N728DA Farewell
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IMPORTANT: These photos were contributed by Chris Coduto, who participated in Delta's L-1011 farewell ceremony at Victorville on August 1, 2001. All photos belong to him and they may not be duplicated or used for any commercial purposes without his permission. Please view the photos just for your own pleasure. For comments or corrections, please email Ryosuke Yano. Special thanks to Chris Coduto for all these photos.

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Photo ID: Remarks:
#VCV01 A Delta L-1011 Farewell banner hangs in the hangar at Victorville.
#VCV02 Delta Belle approaches Victorville for a fly-by.
#VCV03 Delta Belle doing a fly-by over Victorville.
#VCV04 Delta Belle performing a fly-by.
#VCV05 Delta Belle flies away to make its final approach.
#VCV06 Delta Belle deploying its thrust reversers upon landing.
#VCV07 Delta Belle slows down, with its thrust reversers still activated.
#VCV08 Delta Belle taxing after arrival at Victorville, where many of its sisters rest.
#VCV09 Delta Belle showing off its nose paint representing its name.
#VCV10 The tail of Delta Belle boldy stands out in the blue Californian sky.
#VCV11 Delta Belle receives the traditional water cannon salute upon arrival.
#VCV12 Delta Belle makes its way through the water arch.
#VCV13 Splashes hiding Delta Belle after the salute.
#VCV14 The crew of Delta Belle give a wave after bringing the aircraft to a stop.
#VCV15 Delta Belle being towed to the farewell ceremony.
#VCV16 The cabin of Delta Belle, looking aft.
#VCV17 Another view of the cabin looking aft.
#VCV18 The old movie screen, wonder how many they showed?
#VCV19 One of the economy class seats had a replaced cushion.
#VCV20 The cockpit of Delta Belle with the L-1011 farewell poster on the windowsill.
#VCV21 Closeup view of the instruments from the Captain's seat.
#VCV22 Closeup view of the instruments from the First Officer's seat.
#VCV23 Back to the oldies, the "pinball machine" Flight Engineer's panel.
#VCV24 The farewell celebration.
#VCV25 A closeup view of the RB211 engine, how many people signed this?
#VCV26 Thousands of signs also on the forward fuselage.
#VCV27 Delta Belle poses for the camera.
#VCV28 Delta Belle comes into the maintenance area.
#VCV29 Delta Belle captured straight in front.
#VCV30 The rear fuselage of Delta Belle, you can see more signs on the belly.
#VCV31 Another view of the rugged RB211 engines.
#VCV32 Another view of the nose section. Look at the signs carefully!
#VCV33 The tail section of Delta Belle.
#VCV34 Another view of the tail section from the other side.
#VCV35 A closeup view of the tail, the TriStar emblem needs repainting!
#VCV36 Delta Belle being towed.
#VCV37 A lucky Delta employee gets to climb into the RB211 engine.
#VCV38 N728DA; 28th TriStar in the Delta fleet.
#VCV39 A shot of one of the signs in the cabin.
#VCV40 Delta Belle's view of the ceremony setup.
#VCV41 Delta Belle's last crew poses for the camera.
#VCV42 Another shot of Delta Belle's last crew.
#VCV43 A farewell note on one of Delta Belle's lavatory doors.

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