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L-1011 News of 2001
Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Information Center
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All information posted here is believed to be correct, but without any guarantees. If you have any corrections or comments, please e-mail them to Ryosuke Yano.

December 3, 2001

  • American Trans Air is expected to retire N189AT (msn 1081) by the end of the year. Starting from May 2002, the Boeing 757-300s will replace the L-1011s on Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays flights. By the end of next year, all TriStars will either be deployed strictly on charters, including military work. The L-1011-500s are to be retained for at least another three years, but all others will be retired as they come up for D-checks.

  • Air Atlanta Icelandic retired its last L-1011, a series 100 TF-ABT (msn 1231) on November 8. It was originally scheduled to be in service with Excel Airways through November 30. The aircraft has since been flown to Marana, Arizona for long-term storage. The Icelandic charter airline acquired its first L-1011 in 1991.

  • Kampuchea Airlines has XU-122 (msn 1221) and XU-222 (msn 1225) based at Amman since the completion of its Hajj flights. The operations of the two aircraft are based there to provide ad-hoc charters exclusively for companies in that region.

    November 6, 2001

  • Air Transat will be retiring a number of TriStars in the coming months, due to plummeting load factors after the September 11 terrorist attacks. C-GTSB (msn 1122) was scheduled for a C-Check, but it will remain at Montreal-Mirabel to be scrapped. It had not flown since July. Furthurmore, C-FTNA (msn 1019) will be ferried to Abu Dhabi for part out, and C-FTNC (msn 1023) was retired on September 28 and it will also be scrapped at Montreal-Mirabel. Two additional TriStars of the earlier generation are to be scrapped by the end of the year, however, the six L-1011-500s will be retained.

  • Ducor World Airlines has completed the conversion of 3C-QQX (msn 1152) into a freighter and the tail has been repainted all-white. However, due to paperwork and license difficulties yet to be solved, it will remain parked at Ostend, Belgium for an unknown period of time.

    September 28, 2001

  • Air Transat is now planning to retire its remaining seven L-1011-1/-100/-150s by the end of 2003. They will also phase out their Boeing 757s as their lease contracts expire. Meanwhile, the company will acquire an additional two Airbus A330s and nine secondhand Airbus A310s by 2006 for a total of five and 15 respectively. However, the six L-1011-500s will be retained at least until 2007, and recently, they have been refurbished with an all-new passenger entertainment system including LCD monitors and plasma screens.

  • On August 18, an L-1011-150 of Air Transat with 324 passengers and 14 crew members aboard aborted its takeoff at Orlando International Airport because of smoke in the cabin. The plane involved was C-GTSZ (msn 1103), and was bound for Toronto as TS555. It was taxiing when the pilot stopped the aircraft and ordered everyone to use emergency slides to evacuate. No one was seriously injured, but two passengers were taken to the hospital. The smoke was apparently caused by an overheated pack. The aircraft was repaired shortly.

    August 18, 2001

  • Delta Air Lines operated their last revenue flight of the L-1011 on July 31. It was operated by N728DA (msn 1173) from Orlando to Atlanta as DL1949. Farewell cermonies took place before and after the flight. On August 1, the aircraft was ferried to Victorville as DL9930, carrying 250 lucky Delta employees. Unlike the other TriStars retired, it has been donated to The Flying Hospital for use as a spares source for P4-MED (msn 1064). For a complete story, read the feature article "End of an Era: Delta L-1011 Farewell" on this website. For the record, L-1011-250 N1738D (msn 1234) flew its last revenue flight on July 30 from West Palm Beach to Atlanta as DL1958, and was ferried to Victorville for storage on July 31.

  • American Trans Air received their first of 10 Boeing 757-300 on July 30, and these will gradually replace the L-1011-50s. There are no more planned retirements of the TriStar this year, however, none of them are to receive the company's newest color scheme which was introduced a few months ago. Most of their older L-1011s will be retired as they come up for D-Checks. As of now, the airline will not have a replacement for the L-1011, as ATA will now concentrate on domestic scheduled services.

  • Excel Airways is wet-leasing L-1011-100 TF-ABT (msn 1231) from Air Atlanta Icelandic from May 1 through November 30. It is being deployed primarily on routes to holiday destinations within Europe and the Mediterranean region. This aircraft is Air Atlanta's last remaining L-1011, and with the introduction of the Boeing 767s, it may well be retired after this contract expires.

  • Ducor World Airlines (formerly Liberia World) has re-regsitered LZ-TPC (msn 1152) as 3C-QQX. It is now registered in Ecuatorial Guinea. The conversion process into a 'special' freighter somehow has been delayed, and now, completion is scheduled for August 25, and service entry is not planned until mid-September. They intend to acquire a total of four L-1011s by January 2002.

  • Kampuchea Airlines will have their landing rights in South Korea canceled after August 14. The airline dumped 39 Korean passengers at the Bangkok Airport ramp on July 29 and departed after the Captain told the passengers that anyone who did not like the technical delay to get off the aircraft. These angry passengers were picked up by an airport bus half an hour later. The TriStar was due to depart to Seoul via Phnom Penh.

  • Air Transat's L-1011-150 C-FTNA (msn 1019) encountered severe hail showers while climbing through flight in North Lyon Saint Exupery, France on July 6. The airplane returned to Lyon where it landed safely. The three flight crew members, 11 cabin crew members and 197 passengers were not injured, and although evaluations revealed the aircraft 100% airworthy, it sustained substantial damage, and considering that the airline is disposing of its standard-length TriStars by the end of 2003, it may be scrapped.

    July 27, 2001

  • Delta Air Lines will operate their last L-1011 TriStar revenue flight with L-1011-1 N728DA (msn 1173) on July 31 from Orlando (MCO) to Atlanta (ATL) as DL1949. It is scheduled to depart MCO at 14:15 (2:15PM) and arrive at ATL at 15:45 (3:45PM). After the flight, the aircraft will be moved to the maintenance center at Atlanta for the final display to the Delta employees between 6:00 and 10:00PM. Also, for a $1 donation to the Habitat for Humanity, all airline employees will be allowed to put their signature on the aircraft. It will depart the following day (August 1) at 10:00AM for Victorville.

    July 18, 2001

  • Delta Air Lines operated its last scheduled L-1011 flight from Dallas-Ft. Worth on July 8. The flight of honor was DL476 to Ft. Lauderdale, and was operated by N1738D (msn 1234). At the gate, a large "Farewell L-1011" sign was held by many Delta employees and DFW operations people, and as the aircraft left the gate, it was treated with the traditional water-cannon salute by two firetrucks. In other news, N740DA (msn 1244) flew its last revenue flight on July 8 as DL1124 from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta, and was ferried to Victorville for storage the following day. Further, the last flight of the TriStar on July 31 (DL1949 Orlando-Atlanta) will be operated by N728DA (msn 1173), as N1738D will now be retired earlier due to the fact that it has experienced a number of mechanical problems recently.

  • Ducor World Airlines is looking at acquiring ex-Trans World L-1011-50 N31023 (msn 1080). The aircraft would undergo a freighter modification similar to LZ-TPC (msn 1152), which is currently at Ostend, Belgium. The company intends to acquire at least an additional two aircraft for a total of four by January 2002, and possibly another example. These will replace the carrier's two Douglas DC-8-55Fs as well as expand their network. All aircraft will be receiving Bulgarian registrations.

    July 6, 2001

  • Ducor World Airlines, formerly known as Liberia World Airlines, is the airline that acquired D-AERP (msn 1152), which has since been re-registered LZ-TPC. The aircraft held the LZ-PTC regsiter for a short period, but this was due to an error in the paperwork at Bulgaria. It is currently being stripped off of the interior and will be converted to a freighter without the forward cargo door. Other modifications include the strengthening of the floor, and the aircraft is supposed to operate like the freighters with Airborne Express, which also lack the large cargo doors. The conversion is planned for completion in late July, and the airline intends to acquire up to an additional four aircaft by January 2002 to replace their fleet of Douglas DC-8-55Fs. All of these aircraft will be registered in Bulgaria, as Liberian planes are currently grounded due to United Nations restrictions.

  • Delta Air Lines continues to retire their TriStars. N735D (msn 1226) flew its last revenue flight on June 4, and was ferried to Victorville on June 10. N741DA (msn 1245) flew its last revenue flight on June 12 from Tampa to Atlanta as DL1212, and was ferried to Victorville on June 13. N730DA (msn 1199) flew its last revenue flight on June 20 from Orlando to Atlanta as DL1444, and was ferried to Victorville on June 23. N737D (msn 1228) flew its last revenue flight on July 5 from West Palm Beach to Atlanta as DL1124, and was ferried to Victorville on July 6. The airline is now down to only three aircraft remaining, and N740DA (msn 1244) is planned for retirement on July 8. Meanwhile, the last flight of the TriStar is still scheduled for July 31, but the route has since been changed to DL1949 from Orlando to Atlanta, and N1738D (msn 1234) will likely have the honor of flying this one, instead of N728DA (msn 1173) which was originally planned, since this aircraft is destined to be retired earlier, on July 30.

  • TradeWinds Airlines purchased L-1011-100 N31029 (msn 1109) from Household Commercial on May 25. The aircraft is a former Trans World Airlines aircraft, and was also the only aircraft to be repainted in the latest colors. It has now been ferried to Greensboro, and it will be used as a spares source to support for the company's sole L-1011-1F. In other news, the airline has denied rumors that they were interested in regenerating the four Interlease aircraft which they had formerly operated. They are looking at former Delta examples for their planned revival of their charter flights.

  • American Trans Air gradually continues to retire their L-1011 fleet. N185AT (msn 1152) flew its last revenue flight on May 23, and has since been parked at the airline's home base at Indiannapolis. Like the aircraft which were retired earlier, this example will also be ferried to Victorville for storage shortly. This brings their number down to 16. Although the company will take delivery of 10 new Boeing 757-300s starting this October, no moe TriStar retirements are planned for this year as of now, and they have yet to decide upon a new long-range widebody to replace the L-1011s used on long-haul markets.

  • BWIA West Indies has denied rumors that it would regenerate the two L-1011-500s they retired this spring. 9Y-TGN (msn 1191) is still stored at Port of Spain missing an engine, but N3410D (msn 1233) has been returned to the lessor, BancBoston Leasing. It has since been ferried to Marana for storage. The airline will hold a meeting soon to come up for a new fleet plan concerning the replacement of the remaining two L-1011-500s. They have the selection of either the Airbus A340-200 or the Boeing 767-300ER, but the latter is more likely to be selected.

    May 20, 2001

  • YES Air Charter has purchased an L-1011-500 from Delta Air Lines. The aircraft involved is N765DA (msn 1206) and it has been re-registered CS-TMX. This supplements CS-TMR (msn 1241) leased from Air Luxor and an Airbus A320-200 leased from TAP Air Portugal. In other news, the Airbus A330-200 Air Luxor will be receiving this November will not replace, and instead augment their current sole L-1011-500, CS-TMP (msn 1248). Air Luxor also operates Airbus A320-200s.

  • Although Delta Air Lines had scheduled the retirement of N733DS (msn 1224) for May 15, the fate seems have come early instead on May 2. The aircraft operated its last revenue flight on April 28 as flight DL1886 from Los Angeles to Atlanta, and was ferried to Victorville four days later for storage. In other news, the airline may be delaying the remaining retirements due to delivery delays of Boeing 767-400ERs and the lack of in-service Boeing 757-200s.

  • Fine Air Services is planning to acquire the six decomissioned L-1011-200Fs, which have been stored since the demise of Kitty Hawk International over an year ago. These would allow the carrier to replace the remaining older Douglas DC-8Fs. But further, they have reported that no purchases will be made at least until the company emerges from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection.

  • TradeWinds Airlines not only intends to restart operations with ex-Delta examples, but also with the four original aircraft that were leased from Interlease Aviation. Some aircraft are likely to be purchased, and the company hopes to commence operations around late summer.

    April 28, 2001

  • TradeWinds Airlines is hoping to restart passenger charter operations using L-1011s again. They had suspended services in November 2000 due to problems between the lessor, Interlease Aviation. This time, they are planning to acquire some former Delta examples. Their sole L-1011 freighter, N311EA (msn 1012) was overhauled by Gamco at Abu Dhabi this January, and is now in the airline's revised livery.

  • Delta Air Lines has placed the L-1011 back on a flights between Altanta to Chicago O'Hare. Flight DL1608 departs Atlanta at 5:10PM arrives at Chiacgo at 6:14PM. The return flight, Flight DL1261 departs O'Hare at 7:45PM and arrives at Altanta at 10:36PM. The reason being that this flight was consistently overbooked and they needed the high capacity of the TriStar. In other news, many of the current L-1011 pilots will retire after the type retires, and has denied to convert to the Boeing 767 or 777.

  • An unknown venture is planning to place L-1011-1 (msn 1152) back in service. They intend to modify the aircraft for cargo operations. But instead of having the aircraft completely converted, the aircraft will have its floors strengthened and new containers created for loading from the forward passenger door. The aircraft is would be deployed between Harare, Zimbabwe and Amsterdam.

  • BWIA West Indies has definitely withdrawn two L-1011-500s from service. 9Y-TGN (msn 1191) is parked outside the hangar at Trinidad minus one engine. N3410D (msn 1233) is inside the hangar also missing some parts. The airline is reportedly looking to acquire newer aircraft from the secondhand market, or if not on lease, as the company cannot afford to purchase widebodies directly from the manufacturers.

  • Air Luxor has signed a contract with GATX Leasing to lease a single Airbus A330-200 to replace their sole L-1011-500, CS-TMP (msn 1248). The new aircraft will be delivered this November. The fate of the other series 500, CS-TMR (msn 1241), which is currently on lease to Yestours, is yet to be determined.

    April 4, 2001

  • Delta Air Lines retired L-1011-250 N1739D (msn 1237) to Victorville on March 15 after it flew its last revenue service as flight DL1264 from Dallas-Ft. Worth to Atlanta on March 14. March 31 will mark the end of Delta L-1011 flights to Hawaii when DL16 flies from Honolulu to Dallas Ft. Worth. Here are the planned retirement dates of the remaining eight TriStars; N733DS (msn 1224) on May 15, N735D (msn 1226) on June 11, N737D (msn 1228) on June 30, N740DA (msn 1244) on July 5, N730DA (msn 1199) on July 9, N741DA (msn 1245) on July 10, N1738D (msn 1234) on July 30, and the last, N728DA (msn 1173) on August 1. Effective April 1, the L-1011 will only serve Dallas Ft. Worth, Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles, and West Palm Beach from Atlanta, and only Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale from Dallas Ft. Worth. The last flight of the TriStar is scheduled for July 31 as Flight#1958 from West Palm Beach to Atlanta.

  • Hewa Bora Airways (nee Congo Airlnes) is reportedly very satisfied with the performance of the L-1011. The airline acquired their first aircraft L-1011-250 9Q-CHA (msn 1227) from Delta Air Lines last December, and so far the aircraft has been performing at a 96% dispatch reliability. However, the delivery of the second aircraft (msn 1209), a L-1011-500, has been delayed due to unknown reasons.

  • BWIA West Indies will be retiring two of their four L-1011-500s within a few weeks. The remaining two will follow at a later date. The company has been expriencing an increasing number of mechnical problems with their L-1011-500s recently. The replacement of the fleet is yet to be announced, it is likely to be Boeing 767-300ERs.

  • Air Luxor is planning to lease a single Airbus A330-200 from GATX Leasing to replace their sole L-1011-500 CS-TMP (msn 1248). The airline owns another series 500 CS-TMR (msn 1241), which is currently on lease to Yestours, but the fate of this aircraft is yet to be determined.

  • On February 25, American Trans Air withdrew N193AT (msn 1071) from service. The aircraft was ferried to Victorville, California on March 21 as flight TZ7000. This one will be broken up for spares. Deliveries of Boeing 757-300s will commence this autumn, and all L-1011-50s are planned for replacement.

    March 9, 2001

  • Fine Air Services has completed the merger of Fine Air and Arrow Air. All Arrow Air aircraft, including the three L-1011-200Fs, will gradually be repainted into Fine Air colors. However, the combined carrier is currently operating under the Arrow Air FAA Part 121 operating certificate until it can be transferred to the newly merged corporation.

  • Kampuchea Airlines (Orient Thai Airlines) has donated XU-600 (msn 1043) to a maintenance school based at Tucson. After flying its last flight with Angel Air, the aircraft was ferried directly to Tucson on February 1. In other news, Angel Air flew its last TriStar revenue flight on February 3 with L-1011-1 XU-700 (msn 1055).

  • Delta Air Lines ferried L-1011-1 N1734D (msn 1225) to Victorville on March 9. The aircraft flew its last revenue service on March 8 as flight DL1264 from Dallas-Ft. Worth to Atlanta. The next retirement will be L-1011-250 N1739D (msn 1237) which is planned for March 14.

    February 23, 2001

  • Air Transat finally has C-GATM L-1011-500 (msn 1236) online as of December 2000. The company has started to take delivery of their six Airbus A310-300s from Emirates, but instead of retiring five elder TriStars as initially planned, they will be retained as backup equipment. L-1011-1 C-GTSX (msn 1094) will be retired this October, and L-1011-100 C-GTSB (msn 1122) will be retired at the beginning of 2002. The airline intends to keep the type in service up until 2006.

  • Orient Thai Airlines purchased two L-1011s N302MB (msn 1129) and N309GB (msn 1156) on January 25. These are deployed on Hadj flights from India, but reportedly one of the aircraft has been grounded due to serious doubts whether maintenance is being carried out by the airline properly or not. The company planned to purchase N1731D (msn 1200) from Delta Air Lines, but it seems like this has been delayed due to the same reason.

  • Delta Air Lines retired N1731D (msn 1200) to Tucson (not Victorville) on January 31 after flying DL1886 from Los Angeles to Atlanta. The aircraft was destined for Orient Thai, but it seems likely that the sale was delayed. Delta has 10 TriStars remaining, and all are to be retired within the next five months: two in March, one in May, two in June, and the last five all in July. N728DA (msn 1173) will have the honor of flying the last revenue TriStar flight scheduled for July 31, which is ironic, as this example is the oldest TriStar remaining in operation with the airline.

  • American Trans Air ferried N187AT (msn 1077) from Indiannapolis to Victorville on February 21. The aircraft had been parked at Indiannapolis since October 30, 2000, pending the change of its landing gear, as they were relatively new. This TriStar will be broken up for spares. N193AT (msn 1071) will be the next to follow, and it will be retired by March.

  • Air Algerie is wet leasing L-1011-500 CS-TMP (msn 1248) from Air Luxor. The aircraft is delpoyed on the annual Hadj flights in the Air Luxor livery plus small Air Algerie stickers. Last year, the airline had leased the same aircraft for the purpose, except at that time it was in operation with Novair.

    January 19, 2001

  • On January 8th, 2001, Delta Air Lines operated its last L-1011-500 flight. N755DL (msn 1184) operated DL1886 from Los Angeles to Atlanta. The aircraft was ferried to Victorville on January 9th. Over the holidays, the airline retired its other three L-1011-500s. On December 31st, N764DA (msn 1202) was withdrawn from service after it operated DL1264 Dallas Ft. Worth-Atlanta service, and another, N765DA (msn 1206) was also withdrawn from service after operating flight DL1579 Salt Lake City-Los Angeles service. On January 2nd, N753DA (msn 1189) last flew DL1886 Los Angeles-Atlanta service. All aircraft have been ferried to Victorville.

  • Congo Airlines received its first TriStar, L-1011-250 N736DY (msn 1209), from Delta Air Lines in early December. In addtion, the airline will take delivery of L-1011-500 N767DA (msn 1209) on February 18th, and L-1011-250 N1739D (msn 1237) in March. As part of the deal, Delta is training Congo`s crews at their Atlanta hub. These three TriStars will allow the airline to open intercontinental routes from Kinshasa.

  • BellAvia Aviation based at Athens, Greece is reportedly interested in leasing an L-1011-200F for six months. It would be deployed on the route from Thessaloniki, Greece to New York JFK. The company currently operates domestic cargo flights utilizing a fleet of two Embraer EMB-120s and two Casa 212-200s. Alongside its freighter inventory, they also operate a Jetstream J31 and a Cessna King Air C-90 for executive flights, and six helipcopters.

  • Kampuchea Airlines will purchase two L-1011s from IAL Aircraft. Aircraft involved are L-1011-1s N302MB (msn 1129) and N309GB (msn 1156). These have now been ferried to Rome, New York for light maintenance by Global Aviation, and will be delivered within a week for service entry on Hadj flights commencing January 25th. The airline currently operates two TriStars.

  • Cameroon Airlines has replaced its sole L-1011-500, CS-TMP (msn 1241), which had been leased from Air Luxor, with a Boeing 767-300ER leased from CityBird. The airline had leased the L-1011 to substitute for a damaged Boeing 747-200B.

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