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Photos of L-1011s by Paul J. Burke
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IMPORTANT: All photos belong to Paul J. Burke and they may not be duplicated or used for any commercial purposes without his permission. Please view the photos just for your own pleasure. For comments or corrections, please email Ryosuke Yano. Special thanks to Paul J. Burke for contributing these photos.

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Photo ID: Remarks:
L-1011-1157-01 First British Airways L-1011-500, #1157, first takeoff
L-1011-1157-02 British Airways L-1011-500, #1157, low overhead pass
L-1011-1157-03 British Airways L-1011-500, #1157, pilot's instrumenet panel.
L-1011-1157-04 British Airways L-1011-500, #1157, looking outside the fuselage in flight
L-1011-1157-05 British Airways L-1011-500, #1157 performing a wing-engine-out takeoff at EAFB.
L-1011-1157-06 Lockheed Tristar #1001 formating with British Airways L-1011-500, #1157
L-1011-1157-07 Closeup of the right wingtip of Tristar #1001, in flight.
L-1011-1157-09 British Airways L-1011-500, #1157 testing an engine pylon glove fairing.
L-1011-1157-10 Lacy photo Learjet, formating with #1157 to photo the wing tufts behind the pylon glove.
L-1011-1157-11 Wing tuft pattern on #1157 as seen from the Learjet.
L-1011-1157-12 Closeup of the Learjet...
L-1011-1157-13 Enjoying zero G during a stall recovery. this IS fun!
L-1011-1157-14 Tristar #1001 off the left wing of #1157 over the Pacific Ocean
L-1011-1157-15 Not a Tristar, but Lockheed did weigh the first space ship to land on planet Earth
L-1011-1157-16 Tristar #1001 flying up to formate with #1157 over the Pacific Ocean
L-1011-1176-01 The first takeoff of the first Pan-Am L-1011-500, #1176.
L-1011-1176-02 Pan-Am Tristar #1176 photo'd from Pan-Am Tristar #1177
L-1011-1177-01 Pan-Am Tristar #1176 flying up to formate with Pan-Am Tristar #1177
L-1011-1177-02 Pan-Am Tristar #1177 photo'd from Pan-Am Tristar #1176

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