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Photos of L-1011s by Mark S. Daniels
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IMPORTANT: All photos belong to Mark Daniels and they may not be duplicated or used for any commercial purposes without his permission. Please view the photos just for your own pleasure. For comments or corrections, please email Ryosuke Yano. Special thanks to Mark Daniels for all these photos.

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Photo ID: Remarks:
#01 The panel of the co-pilot in an L-1011 shows the line of analog instruments.
#02 A TWA L-1011 thunders out from Los Angeles in the latest livery.
#03 A close-up view of the tail of a TWA L-1011. Note the large L-1011 marking.
#04 An unknown TriStar is about to lift off at sunset.
#05 An Air Canada L-1011 taxies to the runway at Los Angeles sporting the latest livery.
#06 A TriStar freighter of American International (Kalitta) is preparing for loading at Los Angeles.
#07 A TWA L-1011s lifts off in the familiar red-lined scheme.
#08 A close-up view of the nose section of a TWA L-1011.
#09 A Delta L-1011-500 climbs out into a cloudy sky.
#10 A TriStar 500 of LTU International taxies to the runway at night.
#11 Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays is the name of the vacation company American Trans Air is operating for.
#12 A new color TWA L-1011 rolls down the runway for takeoff.
#13 An American International (Kalitta) L-1011 climbs out of Los Angeles on a clear day.
#14 American Trans Air L-1011 climbs out carrying a load of Hawaiian tourists.
#15 A TWA L-1011 in new colors caught seconds before lift off.
#16 A TWA L-1011 comes into land at Los Angeles.
#17 A close-up view of the nose section of a TWA L-1011 about to land.
#18 A Delta TriStar decelerates upon landing at Los Angeles.
#19 Captains panel in the cockpit. Note the Attitude Director Indicator.
#20 A close-up view of the engine monitering section of the cockpit.
#21 A TWA L-1011 acclerates as it rolls down the runway.
#22 A TWA TriStar is caught before landing at Los Angeles.
#23 An L-1011 of Delta is captured moments before touchdown at Los Angeles.
#24 Hawaiian operated the L-1011 until it was replaced by the DC-10.
#25 A close-up view of the No2 engine intake of a Delta L-1011.
#26 Gears are retracting on an L-1011-500 of Delta as it climbs out.
#27 A Delta L-1011 thunders out into the blue sky.
#28 An Air America TriStar is parked on the tarmac.
#29 A TWA L-1011s is caught seconds after lift off.
#30 A TriStar 500 of Delta comes into land at Los Angeles.
#31 A view of the Rolls Royce RB211 engine from a cabin window.
#32 A Total Air L-1011 is seen parked overnight.
#33 An L-1011 of American Trans Air thunders out, bound for paradise.
#34 A close-up view of the nose section of an Eastern L-1011.
#35 A view of the Rolls Royce RB211 engine as it takes off.
#36 A view of the empty cockpit. Note the glowing instuments on the flight engineer's panel.
#37 A TWA L-1011s thunders into Los Angeles.
#38 A LTU International L-1011-500 makes a smooth climb out into the sky.
#39 An arrival of a Delta TriStar 500.
#40 A Delta L-1011-500 makes a climb after takeoff from Los Angeles.
#41 This Delta L-1011 is shining as if it just came out of the factory.
#42 A TWA L-1011 takes off. Note the BA Boeing 747 in the background.
#43 A TWA L-1011 lifts off in the sunset.
#44 A Delta L-1011-500 is captured a second before lift off.
#45 A Delta L-1011 comes into land in the beautiful sunset.
#46 A TWA L-1011 lifts off on another usual day.
#47 A TWA L-1011 decelerates as it lands. Note the thrust reversers seen here in good effect.
#48 An American Trans Air L-1011 returns from Hawaii, displaying the Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays titles.
#49 A TriStar of American Trans Air in the tropical livery climbs out into a clear blue sky.

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