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L-1011 News of 2002
Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Information Center
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All information posted here is believed to be correct, but without any guarantees. If you have any corrections or comments, please e-mail them to Ryosuke Yano.

December 25, 2002

  • Orient Thai Airlines has revived L-1011 operations after a five-year hiatus. XU-222 (msn 1225) was returned from Kampuchea Airlines and was re-registered HS-UTA on December 4. It entered revenue service just six days later. The aircraft wears the airline's full new colors with the large Thai flag on the tail and revised titles. It currently operates four times weekly on a Bangkok - Singapore - Kuala Lumpur - Bangkok rotation carrying flight numbers OX601, 602 and 612 respectively.

  • American Trans Air continues to reduce its TriStar fleet. N196AT (msn 1076) flew its last revenue flight on November 21 and was ferried to Roswell the following day, and N160AT (msn 1217) became the first L-1011-500 to be retired when it last flew passengers on November 22. It also went to Roswell one day later. ATA's plan calls for the retirements of N186AT (msn 1074), N197AT (msn 1082) and N198AT (msn 1111) around March/April 2003, followed by N195AT (msn 1041) in September 2003. Meanwhile, N188AT (msn 1078) will receive a C-check next summer and will remain in service through 2004 along with five other survivors.

  • Star Air is reportedly finalizing a purchase that comprises two L-1011-500s. Although the source has not been released yet, they have reported they are willing to acquire an additional two next year. The TriStars are to be delivered in time for the Hajj season.

  • Air Rum (not Rum Air) is close to obtaining their operating certificate. Although details have not been released yet, they plan to put XU-200 (msn 1200) into service in time for the Hajj season.

  • Miscellaneous L-1011 news from the Middle East: N766BE (msn 1112) will have all useble parts removed before being used by Jordan's special forces as a training equipment. N300AW (msn 1134) will be broken up and used as a restaurant at Amman's Queen Alia Airport. Air Universal's 9L-LDC (msn 1231) is undergoing a C-check at Saudi Arabian for operation on the Hajj.

    November 23, 2002

  • A new airline named Northeast Airlines will acquire L-1011s for long-term contract charters in Africa and the Middle East. The first aircraft will be ex-TradeWinds L-1011-1 N310SS (msn 1096), and Sound Corporation - Nevada has transacted the purchase on their behalf from Interlease. It will be leased by the airline through NEA Holdings and will be re-registered as 3D-NEC for placement on their Airline Operating Certificate from Swaziland. The company plans to add three more TriStars to its fleet; N41016 (msn 1060), N31019 (msn 1066), and N312GB (msn 1100).

  • CBJ Cargo (Caribjet) has acquired L-1011-200F V2-LFQ (msn 1212) on lease from Lanta Aviation. The aircraft is curently operating on behalf of MNG Cargo. Meanwhile, lessor Lanta Aviation officially purchased the remaining five ex-Kitty Hawk L-1011-200Fs through Langdon Asset Management on November 16. The first of them to be reactivated will be N102CK (msn 1198), which will also be leased to CBJ Cargo after it receives a C-check.

  • News from Portugal; Yes Air Charter's CS-TMR (msn 1241), which is leased from Air Luxor will stay with Yes for another year. Meanwhile, Yes-owned CS-TMX (1206) is currently undergoing a D-check at GAMCO in Abu Dhabi. Air Luxor's CS-TMP (msn 1248) was planned for retirement by November for a wing spar modification, but the company has obtained approval to fly 500 more cycles until May 2003. Euro Atlantic Airways has reconfigured its sole L-1011-500, CS-TEB (msn 1240) from 300 to 270 passengers for an around-the-world tour.

  • BWIA West Indies is not far from death's door again. Due to continuing heavy losses, employees have agreed on salary cuts and the government is plans to inject more cash to bail out the airline. The company hopes to take delivery of their second Airbus A340-300 in January 2003, allowing their last L-1011-500 9Y-THA (msn 1222) to be withdrawn from service. The aircraft is currently deployed twice-weekly on its London Heathrow route (Mondays and Thursdays) and its Manchester route (Saturdays).

  • Jordanian newcomer Star Air has purchased XU-122 (msn 1221) from High Altitude Airlines. The aircraft has been re-registered 9L-LDN. The company has plans to acquire two former Delta Air Lines L-1011-500s for long-haul charters.

  • Another Jordanian entrant, Eagles Aviation was established on June 27. The company is currently negotiating a purchase that will include two L-1011-200 and two L-1011-500 to launch operations by the end of the year. They will be operating charter flights for Hajj and scheduled flights in the Far East.

  • Bangladesh newcomer Bismillah Airlines will acquire a single L-1011 for light cargo operations. The aircraft involved will be L-1011-1 XU-300 (msn 1129), and is expected to be re-registered S2-ADR. The company intends to place the aircraft on routes from Dhaka to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Seoul by the end of the year.

  • Air Transat is considering retaining its nine-strong fleet of TriStars longer due to the business comeback and the upcoming winter holiday season. Previously, plans were to retire the three standard L-1011s by the end of January 2003. For the record, C-GTSX (msn 1094) was broken up at Montreal's Mirabel Airport in September.

  • Fine Air / Arrow Air L-1011-200Fs; N307GB (msn 1131) is currently in for a C-check at BWIA in Port of Spain. N260FA (msn 1158) and N308GB (msn 1133) are stored at Roswell. N306GB (msn 1138) is parked at Miami as a spares source and will eventually be broken up. The aircraft has been heavily cannibilized of many parts to support the remaining sole L-1011-200F.

  • Formerly with Delta Air Lines, L-1011-1 N725DA (msn 1162) was carefully sliced into sections and trucked down to Santa Clarita, California in early November after years of storage at Mojave. The aircraft will be reassembled for use in the filming of the movie "SWAT".

    October 14, 2002

  • On August 8, Hewa Bora Airways' L-1011-250 9Q-CHA (msn 1227) carrying 180 passengers from Kinshasa to Brussels experienced an engine failure over Gabon, about an hour after takeoff. "The aircraft seemed to have hit something, lost balance and fell several meters before recovering and heading back to Kinshasa", according to a 27-year-old passenger. The aircraft returned to Kinshasa where it made an emergency landing, blowing several tires and causing considerable damage to the aircraft. Although the fate is yet undecided whether to repair it or not, it will likely be an insurance write-off as it may be uneconomical for repair. As a replacement, the company may acquire L-1011-250 N1739D (msn 1237).

  • Orient Thai Airlines is selling off a few TriStars that were operated by Kampuchea Airlines. XU-200 (msn 1200) has been sold to a new Jordanian startup named Rum Air. Meanwhile, XU-300 (msn 1129) has been allocated to Decca, Bangladesh for use as a light cargo aircraft. Both of them had not yet received new registrations at the time of writing. However, XU-222 (msn 1225) will reportedly enter service with its owner Orient Thai.

  • More ex-Delta L-1011 scrappings at Mojave. N789DL (msn 1142) met the chopper's ax on September 17 and was in pieces within two days. N782DL (msn 1006) was completely torn up on September 27, athugh the scrapping process was started this May. All scrappings are undertaken by ECS Refining. Meanwhile, N783DL (msn 1009) will be preserved for display at Mojave.

  • American Trans Air will reportedly start retiring its L-1011-500s along with the standard-lengthed models. The first L-1011-500 to be retired will be N160AT (msn 1217), as it will soon come up for a wing spar modification along with a D-check. Like all other ATA L-1011s, the aircraft is likely to be broken up for spares.

  • Flying Hospital's spare L-1011, N728DA (msn 1173), which was donated by Delta Air Lines, remains parked at the Evergreen Air Center in Marana. The aircraft has been stripped of nearly all useable parts, and is expected to be dismantled by the end of the year.

  • Newcomers from the Middle East: A new airline to be named Star Air intends to acquire a pair of L-1011-500s for charter services. Meanwhile, Eagle Aviation is planning to purchase an ex-Delta L-1011-1.

    September 5, 2002

  • American Trans Air operated their last scheduled L-1011 service on September 2. L-1011-100 N194AT (msn 1230) had the honor of operating the TZ#0403-TZ#0402 Indianapolis (IND) - Las Vegas (LAS) roundtrip. Although the aircraft departed a little late at 4:18pm, it left without any special events, except for the main landing gears remaining down for sometime after takeoff. ATA's cost-cutting plan calls for five TriStars to be retired by the end of the year. The remaining L-1011s will be retained exclusively for its charter operations.

  • Hewa Bora Airways has finally placed their second TriStar in service, a L-1011-500 now registered 9Q-CHC (msn 1209). The aircraft formerly served Delta Air Lines as N767DA. They still have options on another five L-1011-500s with the Atlanta-based carrier, which they may take up to further expand its intercontinental operations, but the company will reportedly postpone its plans due to the decline in air travel since last September.

  • Kampuchea Airlines is also cutting capacity by reducing its L-1011 fleet by two. XU-122 (msn 1221) has already been sold to High Altitude Airlines in Jordan, while the second aircraft, to be XU-300 (msn 1134) will be either sold or leased to a small charter airline in Bangladesh. No more reductions are planned for this year at this moment.

  • Jordanian newcomer High Altitude Airlines is now looking to acquire a single L-1011-500 to provide long-range charters. Their first aircraft, XU-122 (msn 1221) purchased from Orient Thai Airlines, has not yet received its new registration and remains parked awaiting for entry into service.

  • BWIA West Indies will proceed with the retirement of its remaining single L-1011-500 as part of a plan launched to pull the company out of the reds. 9Y-THA (msn 1222) will be returned to its lessor GATX Leasing while the two owned aircraft that are already retired will be offered for sale.

    August 20, 2002

  • BWIA West Indies retired L-1011-500 9Y-TGJ (msn 1178) in July, after their first Airbus A340-300 was delivered. However, they intend to retain its remaining single aircraft, 9Y-THA (msn 1222) for the time being as they have decided to postpone the delivery of its second A340. This decision comes with a half-year loss of US$8.4 million compared to a US$7.1-million profit last year for the same period. Their last L-1011 is currently deployed on the the Port of Spain (POS) - Manchester (MAN) route.

  • Jordan Aviation, an ad-hoc charter carrier operating Boeing 737s and 707s, has leased a single L-1011-200F from Lanta Aviation for freight charters. The aircraft involved is V2-LFQ (msn 1212), which was formerly with Kitty Hawk International (nee Kalitta) as N103CK. It still sits at Royal Jordanian's maintenance facility at Amman-Queen Alia awaiting delivery.

  • Another Jordanian carrier, High Altitude Airlines, that operates a Boeing 727 on behalf of Trans Congo Airlines, has purchased a single L-1011-100. The aircraft involved is XU-122 (msn 1221), which previously served with Kampuchea Airlines. This aircraft will supplement its other aircraft in the ad-hoc business, and it is expected to receive a new registration soon.

  • TradeWinds Airlines has shelved all plans for restarting passenger charters. On another note, N6410B (msn 1040) became the first of the three L-1011s to be broken up on August 2. N826CR (msn 1141) still sits at the TradeWinds terminal without the tail engine and rudder. N31029 (msn 1109) is parked beside N826CR without the rear engine, and is currently in the process of being broken up.

  • Yes Air Charter may replace their two L-1011-500s with secondhand Airbus A310-300s. These would be acquired from TAP Air Portugal, which holds a major stake in the company. However, airline officials reported that the L-1011s are more ideal for their charter network than A310s.

  • Air Luxor has announced that they are definitely retiring their two owned L-1011-500s, of which one is leased out to Yes Air Charter. Both of them will be retired in the first quarter of 2003, and will be replaced by additional Airbus A330-200s.

    July 18, 2002

  • A new Philippine cargo startup named Tiger Air is finalizing a deal to purchase all five remaining ex-Kitty Hawk L-1011-200Fs that have remained inactive since the demise of the Detroit-based cargo airline. The new company will be based at Clark Field, Philippines, and these aircraft would be operated for and in the colors of Pacific East Asia Cargo. Delivery is scheduled to commence by the end of July.

  • A number of potential companies are negotiating with Delta Air Lines to acquire the remaining four L-1011-250s. These are N737D (msn 1228), N1738D (msn 1234), N1739D (msn 1237) and N741DA (msn 1245). Among them is TradeWinds Airlines, which intends to lease the four on a three-year contract. They are currently planning to relaunch passenger charters that were suspended a few years ago.

  • Air Luxor is operating their sole L-1011-500 CS-TMP (msn 1248) on behalf of TACV Cabo Verde. The aircraft is operated on a once weekly (Monday) flight connecting Ilha do Sal (GVAC) and New York (KJFK). The wet-lease contract will run through November. Meanwhile, the Portuguese airline plans to retire this aircraft sometime in the first quarter of 2003.

  • American Trans Air continues to retire its TriStar fleet. N191AT (msn 1084) flew its last revenue flight on June 16 and was flown to Roswell the following day. N189AT (msn 1081) flew its last revenue flight on June 30 and was flown to the same airport the following day. These aircraft will eventually be ferried to Victorville for scrapping. On another note, N185AT (msn 1052) was scrapped in June.

  • Air Transat L-1011 last revenue flight dates for the record. The last revenue flight for C-FTNA (msn 1019) came on July 1, 2001 when it was damaged by hail. It was an insurance write-off, and the aircraft was apparently broken up at Lyon. C-FTNC (msn 1023) flew its last revenue flight on September 26, 2001, and was scrapped in April this year. C-FTNH (msn 1049) flew its last flight on December 23, and was scrapped in February. C-GTSX (msn 1094) flew its last flight on May 2, 2002, and currently sits at Montreal-Mirabel, waiting to be scrapped.

    June 3, 2002

  • Yes Air Charter is currently wet-leasing CS-TMR (msn 1241) to BWIA West Indies until their crews are being trained on their newly delivered Airbus A340-300. Meanwhile, Yes used CS-TMX (msn 1206) to transport Real Madrid fan's to the UEFA Champions League final at Scotland. Although Air Luxor announced they would phase the TriStar out of their fleet in early 2003, this will not apply to CS-TMR, which is owned by Air Luxor.

  • Ducor World Airlines has converted 3C-QRL (msn 1093) to a freighter without the large cargo door, and it entered service on May 15. They have also ferried G-BBAH (msn 1101), which has been re-registered 3C-QRQ, to Maastricht, Netherlands for freighter conversion. The company will have all four ex-Caledonian L-1011-100s in this configuration by the end of summer, while 3C-QQX (msn 1152) will be used as a spares source and will eventually be broken up.

  • Hewa Bora Airways has switched its weekly Kinshasa - Belgium service from Liege to Brussels. Although they had deferred the delivery of their second TriStar, L-1011-500 N767DA (msn 1209), due to the downtoun in the world economy, they are now preparing to take delivery of this aircraft within the next few months.

    April 23, 2002

  • Ducor World Airlines' former Caledonian L-1011-100 G-BBAF (msn 1093) has been re-registered 3C-QRL. The aircraft arrived at Maastricht, Netherlands in early March, and has now been ferried to Eindhoven, Netherlands. Instead of converting the aircraft to cargo, it will be operated for major conversation electronics manufacturer Philips under the name Air Care as a flying exhibition hall for their products. Of the remaining three TriStars purchased from JMC Air in November last year, one will be dismantled for spares while the other two are to be converted to freighters.

  • British filmmaker Pinewood Studios has purchased the fuselage of TF-ABP (msn 1045), which had basically been abandoned at Bruntingthorpe for almost six years. Still in the colors of Istanbul Airlines, the aircraft was cut up and moved to the studio on March 15 for use in a new James Bond movie. Reportedly, the fuselage will be used to resemble an Antonov An-124.

  • American Trans Air's L-1011-50 N192AT (msn 1057) finally made its way to Victorville on March 28. The aircraft had been held at Indianapolis since December 15 for exchanging relatively new parts on the aircraft for older examples on the ground. Like all other TriStars retired from ATA, it will eventually be scrapped after all useful parts are removed.

    March 22, 2002

  • Air Universal is a new ad-hoc charter airline based in Amman, Jordan that has acquired two L-1011s. TF-ABT (msn 1231) was purchased from Air Atlanta Icelandic on January 22 and delivered four days later with the new Sierra Leone registration 9L-LDC. N740DA (msn 1244) was purchased from Delta Air Lines on the same date, however, it was not delivered until February 22 when it was re-registered 9L-LDE. The company is currently deploying the TriStars on Hajj flights linking Jeddah and southeast Asia. They intend to acquire a third aircraft, N741DA (msn 1245).

  • Air Transat will retain three standard TriStars at least through this year. C-FTNG (msn 1048) will leave for Abu Dhabi on March 19 for a C-check by GAMCO, followed by C-FTNL (msn 1073) on May 20. C-GTSZ (msn 1103) will remain in service until December when C-check comes up. However, C-GTSX (msn 1094) is planned for retirement on May 2nd.

  • American Trans Air has retired another L-1011. N190AT (msn 1086) flew its last revenue flight on February 2, and was ferried to Victorville seven days later. The aircraft will eventually be broken up for spares. N192AT (msn 1057) still remains parked at Indianapolis awaiting a ferry flight to the same airport.

    February 8, 2002

  • Hewa Bora Airways has placed their L-1011-250 9Q-CHA (msn 1227) on scheduled services to Europe. It currently flies into Liege (Belgium) from Kinshasa at 17:10 local time on Wednesdays and Fridays, and departs for Kinshasa at 9:20 local time on Thursdays and Saturdays. The aircraft stays overnight at Leige. Their second aircraft, a L-1011-500 (msn 1209), is still parked at Victorville awaiting delivery.

  • American Trans Air gradually continues to retire its TriStars. L-1011-50 N192AT (msn 1057) flew its last revenue flight on December 15. It is currently withdrawn from use at Indianapolis, awaiting a ferry flight to Victorville. Some newer parts on the aircraft are being exchanged for older examples on ground. At Victorville, N187AT (msn 1077) is currently being dismantled.

  • Air Transat has reported that L-1011-150 C-FTNH (msn 1049) will be ferried to Abu Dhabi for a C-check sometime in February. However, C-GTSX (msn 1094) will probably be the next L-1011 to be retired, and plans now call for all but three standard-length TriStars to be retired by summer this year. The three that are to be retained will be used as backup equipment. The six L-1011-500s will be retained through 2005.

  • Lanta Aviation of Monaco will acquire a pair of L-1011-200Fs. Aircraft involved are N102CK (msn 1198) and N103CK (msn 1212), and the latter aircraft has already been ferried to Amman for heavy maintenance by Royal Jordanian. The company holds options on the remaining four ex-Kitty Hawk International L-1011-200Fs.

  • Ducor World Airlines has purchased four ex-Caledonian (now JMC Air) L-1011-100s. Aircraft involved are G-BBAE (msn 1083), G-BBAF (msn 1093), G-BBAH (msn 1101) and G-BBAJ (msn 1106). They are expected to be ferried to Ostend for conversion to freighters without the forward cargo door like 3C-QQX (msn 1152).

  • BWIA West Indies will replace their remaining two L-1011-500s with Airbus A340-300s. Both of these will be ex-Air Canada examples, and the first will be delivered in June, with the second following in November. The new Airbuses will be leased from ILFC for five years. Therefore, the TriStars are expected to leave the fleet by the end of this year.

  • Air Luxor plans to phase out their L-1011s in late 2003, when the company receives additional Airbus A330-200s. The airline currently owns two L-1011-500s, CS-TMP (msn 1248) and CS-TMR (msn 1241), of which the latter is leased to Yes Air Charter. Both aircraft are to be retired, however, the fate of CS-TMX (msn 1206), which is owned by Yes, is yet to be determined.

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