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L-1011 News

what's up with tristars

This section brings you the latest news about L-1011s. All information posted here is believed to be correct, but without any guarantees. If you have any corrections or comments, please email them to Ryosuke Yano.

May 15, 2005

Air Scotland [UK] has announced plans to launch transatlantic flights from Glasgow with three L-1011-500s. They have applied with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for permission to operate twice a week to Miami and New York in the USA, and once a week to Havana and Toronto in Canada, from July. The aircraft involved are SX-CVA (msn 1246), SX-CVB (msn 1239), and SX-CVD (msn 1236), and they will be leased from Joasro Aviation [Lebanon] through sister company Greece Airways [Greece]. They will seat 309 passengers. If the routes are approved, Air Scotland will join Thomas Cook Airlines [UK] and Zoom Airlines [Canada], who also have flights across the Atlantic from Glasgow.

Salzburg-based BFS - Business Flight Services [Austria] has applied for an air operator's certificate (AOC) with the local Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), to enable them to launch charter services. An agreement has been reached with Star Air [Jordan] to lease L-1011-100 9L-LDN (msn 1221), and the aircraft arrived at Salzburg, Austria on May 2nd. It is currently receiving paint modifications and minor maintenance, and will also receive a new registration when an AOC is issued. If the cooperation proves profitable, Star Air will also lease the other two L-1011s they own, L-1011-500s 9L-LED (msn 1222) and 9L-LDR (msn 1179), to BFS. Until now, the company's core business has been training pilots.

Follow-up on news posted on April 18th. Orange Air [Jordan] will soon announce which TriStars they will acquire. They are currently looking at L-1011s formerly operated by Delta Air Lines [USA]. An initial fleet of three L-1011s will be purchased to launch ad-hoc charter services in June.

April 18, 2005

On March 8th, Greece Airways [Greece] reached a deal with Joasro Aviation to lease three L-1011-500s through Globe Jet Airlines. Aircraft involved are SX-CVA (msn 1246), SX-CVB (msn 1239), and SX-CVD (msn 1236), all of which were intended for lease to Gee Bee Air [Greece] until the deal fell through due to Gee Bee's difficulties in obtaining operating rights. Greece Airways is an affiliate of Air Scotland [UK], which currently operates Boeing 757 aircraft.

Orange Air [Jordan] is a new airline planning to launch operations by June with three L-1011s. The company is looking at various TriStars, including ATA Airlines' [USA] examples that are currently stored at Roswell Industrial Air Center. They are currently considering standard-length TrIStars (not -500s) for the ad-hoc charter business they will be investing in.

Sky Gate International Aviation [Jordan] took delivery of their third TriStar, L-1011-250 N1739D (msn 1237), on March 31st. Having previously been stored at Victorville since retirement from Delta Air Lines [USA], the aircraft will be registered in Kyrgyzstan and will operate charter flights in the mainly in the Middle East and Africa region.

Thai Sky Airlines [Thailand] received its second TriStar, L-1011-1 N718DA (msn 1097), on April 15th at Bangkok's Don Muang Airport.The aircraft will be re-registered HS-AXE, and will supplement HS-AXA (msn 1147) on regional Asian routes. This addition enables the Thai newcomer to add more destinations to its network. Cities in China, Malaysia, and Taiwan are currently planned.

Luzair [Portugal] has finally obtained an air operating certificate (AOC), which allows them to operate their own flights. Prior to obtaining their AOC, flights had been operated by Air Luxor [Portugal]. Also, CS-TMR (msn 1241), which has been stored at Amsterdam since the accident in July 2004, will receive repairs and new engines for re-entry into service. Together with CS-TMP (msn 1248), the two TriStars will be painted in their own corporate livery.

Almiron Aviation [Uganda] is an African newcomer, which is operating L-1011-200 5X-AAL (msn 1201).The aircraft previously served with Airlift Congo [Congo (Kinshasa)] as 9Q-CVN. Almiron is a new cargo operator in the region and plans to operate specialized charter flights between Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Their first revenue service was operated at the beginning of April between Dubai and Lagos.

March 27, 2005

Thai Sky Airlines [Thailand] operated its first revenue flight on March 19 as flight 9I 328 from Bangkok to Hong Kong. The company's single TriStar, L-1011-1 HS-AXA (msn 1147), which is responsible for the service which operates daily, will be joined by a second TriStar, to be registered HS-AXE, in April. The aircraft will be former Delta Air Lines N718DA (msn 1097). The world's sole L-1011-1F, HS-SEB (msn 1012) is also now registered under the startup airline. Thai Sky's plans call for adding China, Malaysia and Taiwan to its network, as well as acquiring Boeing 737s to launch domestic routes.

Sky Eyes Airways [Thailand] will be the operator of L-1011-200F HS-SEC (msn 1212), which formerly carried the registration 9L-LDZ. The aircraft has already been ferried to U-Tapao, however, long overdue maintenance and repairs are preventing the company from registering the aircraft with the Thailand Department of Civil Aviation. It is expected that it would take at least a few months before the aircraft is fixed to meet the requirements and returns to service.

March 3, 2005

Correction: Jordan Aviation [Jordan] is still the operator of L-1011-500 JY-JOE (msn 1243), leased from owner Joasro Aviation. Meanwhile, Gee Bee Air [Greece] has not commenced operations yet, though L-1011-500s SX-CVA (msn 1246), SX-CVB (msn 1239), and SX-CVD (msn 1236) are still destined for the Greek newcomer. These aircraft are also owned by Joasro Aviation.

February 18, 2005

Thai Sky Airlines [Thailand] is a new airline that recently received its operating certificate (AOC) from the Thailand Department of Civil Aviation. N722DA (msn 1147) owned by J&J holdings and currently receiving maintenance and repainting at Guangzhou, China will be their first aircraft and will carry the registration HS-AXA. The second aircraft, which will also be ferried to Guangzhou for the same purpose will be N718DA (msn 1097), to be registered HS-AXE. Meanwhile, L-1011-1F HS-SEB (msn 1012) will also join Thai Sky from March, as the lease contract between owner Sky Victory International and current operator Sky Eyes Airways [Thailand] expires on February 28. Thai Sky intends to operate scheduled services mainly between Thailand and Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and China.

February 5, 2005

Euro Atlantic Airways [Portugal] will reportedly retain its sole L-1011-500 CS-TEB (msn 1240) until the beginning of 2006. Until then, it will be available for no-notice ACMI and charters. On another note, CS-TEB operated for TUI Airlines Belgium [Belgium] from December 8, 2004 to January 23, 2005. The aircraft was also involved in an around-the-world flight for travel agency TMR France between November 6 and 28, 2004.

Antipodean Air Charter [UK] is the name of a new airline that intends to purchase a L-1011 for use on charter services from London Gatwick and Manchester to Australia. The aircraft planned for acquisition is ex-Air Atlanta Icelandic TF-ABM (msn 1072), a L-1011-50. If a deal is reached, it will be re-configured to accommodate 129 business class seats.

Former Delta Air Lines L-1011-1 N722DA (msn 1147) was ferried out of Victorville after over six years of desert storage. It went on to Oakland, Honolulu, Guam, and Guangzhou (Canton), China. The aircraft is believed to be there, however, reasons of the ferry is unknown. It is owned by Jet Midwest.

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