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New Airline to Acquire 44 L-1011s
- Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Articles: Volume 2 -
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Special thanks to Neil Robertson, Chief Executive Officer of Africargo Airlines who provided me with all the information. I couldn`t have done this job without his contribution. For corrections or comments, please email Ryosuke Yano.

A new airline offering ACMI leases with L-1011 TriStars will be based at Shannon, Ireland. The airline's Chief Executive Officer Neil Robertson currently works with Africargo Airlines, which operates regional and cargo operations from Bujumbara, Burundi. He confirmed that the yet to be named company has sent a Letter of Intent (LOI) on February 9th to Delta Air Lines to purchase their entire fleet of 44 L-1011s, which consists of 15 -500s, six -250s and 23 -1s.

"We intend to convert all of the -250s and some of the -500s to freighters, and operate the remeinder in a passenger configuration." he said. He also reported that the company has been in discussions with Custom Air Support Holdings of Miami regarding the purchase of all 16 former Saudia Arabian -200s, which are to be purchased by the Miami-based leasing company. The announcement was made last November.

Shannon has been selected as its hub especially because of Ireland and the airport's special deals on taxation, grants and subsidies. The new airline also plans to install an L-1011 flight simulator and a RB211 engine overhaul facility at the airport; both of which are being included in the Delta package.

Robertson says that the company will submit its operating certificate (AOC) application shortly to the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and hopes to have the first L-1011s delivered in time for the year 2000 summer season. Reportedly, letters of intent for lease contracts are currently held from two airlines, and the company is in discussions with a government in the Middle East about setting up a new airline there that would fly L-1011s.

The TriStar may have many bright days ahead.

This article was posted on: February 11, 2000

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